How to Pair Firestick Remote | Quick Guide

When you buy a new Firestick it is easy to Pair Firestick Remote by Long Pressing the Home button on Firestick Remote while the Fire TV is turned ON.

In other cases, if your fire tv remote is not working, or you want to add one more remote to the fire tv stick then you will need the following guide.

3 Ways to Pair Fire TV Remote to Fire TV Stick:

  1. How to Pair/unpair Firestick Remote – Quick Guide
  2. Pair Firestick Remote to Change TV Volume
  3. Pair Firestick New Remote without Old Remote

Let’s get started with Each guide in detail step by step method and you will understand how you can use these 3 ways to improve your Firestick Remote usability.

How to Pair/unpair Firestick Remote – Quick Guide:

When Your Firestick is Turned ON and your Fire TV Remote has a battery inserted; then in this case the Firestick automatically connects with the Fire TV Remote.

IF NOT, then you can Press and Hold the HOME button on the Fire TV Remote for 20 seconds while Firestick is turned ON.

To Pair/Unpair any remote from Settings follow these steps below:

[Lets Say you have one already working Fire TV Remote]

Step 1: First you need to go to the Firestick Settings Menue

Go to Firestick Controllers and Bluetooth Devices in setting

Step 2: Then go to Controllers & Bluetooth Devices (shown Remote icon)

Step 3: Then go to Amazon Fire TV Remotes option here you will see all connected Remotes.

Step 4: If not you can Press and hold the Home Button on New Remote to Pair it with the Firestick.

How to Pair Firestick New Remote from Settings menu

Step 5: To Unpair Old FireTV Remote you can select the Remote name from that list and press the menu button to Unpair and confirm it with the OK button.

How to Unpair Firestick OLD Remote

How to Pair New Firetv Remote without OLD one?

This is really critical condition, where you really need a new remote and you don’t have any old remote that can help you to add a new Firetv remote.

Dont worry I will help you in Pairing a New FireTV Remote without using any OLD Firetv remote.

Tip: You need a Mobile Phone, connected on the same WiFi that firestick is connected with.

Step 1: First download the Firetv Remote App on your Phone and Sign in with the same Amazon Account.

Step 2: Now Turn ON your Fire TV Stick and in the Firetv Remote App click on Add New Device, and select the device shown in the App.

Add new Firestick Device to Firetv Remote App

Step 3: Now your Fire TV will show one OTP on Screen, input that in your FireTV Remote App.

Pair Firestick Remote App without any OLD Remote

All done you have a brand new Remote connected to the Firestick without using any OLD Remote. Now you can use this Remote to pair one New Remote device if you buy one.

Buy New Firestick Remote

Buy New Firstick Remote for - FireStick, Lite, 4k

Features and Price

  • Compatible: All Firestick
  • Comes with All Buttons
  • Technology: Bluetooth and IR
  • Include: 2AAA Battries
  • Need to Call Customer care for Warranty Details

How to Use FireTV Remote to control TV Volume?

Isn’t it cool that we can use the same remote to operate our Fire TV menu and the TV volume?

Well we can manage following options using Firestick Remote for TV.

  • Turn TV Power ON/OFF.
  • Turn TV Volume Up/Down.
  • Mute the TV with FireTV Remote.

Generally, FireTV Stick automatically detects the TV and matches the Remote options for the above settings. But if you think you need a manual setup follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Go to FireTV Setting and select Equipment Control.

Manage TV Equipment in Firestick Settings

Step 2: Then go to Manage Equipment >> TV >> Change TV and click on the Popup Button Change TV.

Change TV to Setup manual TV equipment control

Step 3: Then it will scan for the TV and show you the TV name if it’s correct select the Yes Button if not then Select No Button.

Your TV is scanned and Detected is it correct

When you select the NO button it will ask you to select your TV brand and then you can use the FireTV Remote as your TV volume Remote.

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